The PXL Shop PXL Rock & Rage


PXL Rock & Rage är pensionerad och tagen ur sortimentet, för att ersättas med en ny och vrålhet generation av PXL!


When a bar brawl results in a city sized crater and a slight traffic dispute ends up relocating fifty vehicles within a square mile you know something truly special is going on. We rarely get to experience superhuman strength but we’re all secretly wishing to at least be the spectator of such an event. Good News! PXL Rock & Rage is the perfect spectator beverage and we'’ve made sure it will keep you up long enough to never miss when buildings get turned into parking lots!

With the flavor of red berries mixed with the candys sweetness we get to prove our commitment to absolutely world class flavors without a shred of calories. It will always be our promise to keep the flavors top of the line and never settle for anything less. Rock & Rage is one of our first creations and we couldn't be more proud. This is how red should taste and how Rock & Rage should feel. Thank you for giving it a try and make sure you try out the other flavors!

Rock & Rage is a 500ml Can of Carbonated Energy Drink with:

200mg of Caffeine
1,5mg of Zink
37,5mg of Magnesium
0,56mg of Vitamin B6