The PXL Shop PXL Liquid Lightning


PXL Liquid Lightning är pensionerad och tagen ur sortimentet, för att ersättas med en ny och vrålhet generation av PXL!


Lightning speed is a coveted superpower. To push off and feel the ground crack and melt underneath you is something only the greatest of superheroes get to experience. What if we could take this power, liquify it and store it inside a canister ready to be consumed? That'd be cool. This is just an energy drink though... Cheers!

With the sharp and sweet hit from citrus and lemonade Liquid Lightning will kill that thirst but awaken your taste buds like nothing else. On the other side of the flavor spectrum from Rock and Rage Red Berries; Liquid Lightning brings that sweet and slightly sour lemonade punch to your system. Packing the exact same ammount of raw power as it's friend. Enjoy the ride!

Liquid Lightning is a 500ml Can of Carbonated Energy Drink with:

200mg of Caffeine
1,5mg of Zink
37,5mg of Magnesium
0,56mg of Vitamin B6