The PXL Shop PXL Goliath Mousepad

Seize control and dominate with The Goliath Mousepad. Its streamlined, all-black design blends simplicity with functionality, creating a robust platform for your digital triumphs.

With a generous size of 90x40cm, The Goliath presents an ample battlefield for both precise maneuvers and broad strokes. Whether you're managing resources, leading a strategic push, or nailing an impressive headshot, your mouse will navigate smoothly across its ultra-slick surface.

Made from superior-grade materials, The Goliath features a tactile surface to enhance sensor performance. This ensures pinpoint accuracy for your laser or optical mouse, driving you towards victory with each movement.

The pad's elegant all-black look is accentuated by stylish black stitching. The refined double-stitched edges not only add a touch of sophistication but also ensure a high level of durability, preventing wear and tear even after numerous gaming sessions.

But The Goliath doesn't just look magnificent; it feels superior too. The non-slip rubber base guarantees the pad remains in its place, even during the most heated gaming showdowns. This makes it an ideal choice for gamers who demand their gear to perform under pressure, much like a seasoned strategist planning the perfect move.

The Goliath is not just a mousepad. It's a statement. It's a pledge to gaming, to strategy, to victory. It comes with custom casing. Of course.

Measures: 90x40cm(!). 4mm thick.